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The Real Thing
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The Real Thing

Fall in love with love itself

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About the event

The Real Thing is playwright Tom Stoppard at his dazzling best. One of his most heartfelt plays, it’s a portrait of a writer of intellectual prowess struggling to articulate that most elusive of emotions – love.

Henry is married to Charlotte, while Annie is married to Max. But it’s Henry and Annie who have fallen passionately in love. Could this, at last, be the real thing? They’ll soon find out. Through the demise of two marriages, the bloom of new relationships and the pain of infidelity, Stoppard’s characters debate and dissect what love is, what it gives and what it takes. Expertly constructed, erudite and funny, The Real Thing is a modern classic.

Simon Phillips (Muriel’s Wedding the Musical) returns to direct an irresistible cast including Geraldine Hakewill (Chimerica) and Johnny Carr in this hugely entertaining and deeply affecting play.

"★★★★ The Real Thing is the real deal, and a richly rewarding night of theatre"


"It is a quality piece of playwriting craft: erudite, elegant and structurally playful"


"There’s a rigour and flair in the writing that’s genuinely intoxicating and a pleasure to listen to"


"★★★★ It’s an immensely fun and moving night at the theatre"


"Director Simon Phillips brings remarkable clarity"


"The show is superbly directed by Simon Phillips"